And so it begins…

Bad Berzabern

Bad Berzabern

Baden Baden

Baden Baden

Overlooking Heidelberg

Overlooking Heidelberg


We are moving to Germany!  I’ve started a blog to chronicle this once in a lifetime experience of moving to another country.  Beyond that though, I want to pay it forward by documenting my journey.  When I was doing research on becoming an Expat, I read a number of blogs and watched as many videos. So I hope the information I provide will be helpful to the next person searching the internet for information and reassurance.

To start from the beginning, my brilliant husband came upon an opportunity to work at an awesome tech company in Karlsruhe, Germany.  We currently live in the Bay Area in California.  When he initially presented me with the prospect of moving to Germany, I thought he was crazy.  At this time of my life with 2 grown children, I never even considered that life would take us from the rolling hills of the Napa Valley to Deutschland!  I envisioned my life as traveling occasionally, continuing my career as a nurse and enjoying watching my kids’ lives unfold.  As life often does, I was thrown a curveball….an exciting and adventurous one, but a curveball, yet still.  After sitting with the situation for a few days, I came to the realization that this was a great opportunity for my husband career wise and a new adventure for us both together.

My husband was required to go to Germany for a series of additional interviews and tasks to prove his abilities to the company. It was a rigorous process.  His new boss is a smart man and also invited me.  It was smart because it provided me an opportunity to experience first hand the beauty of Germany and get an idea of what our life might be like there.  It made it much easier for me to stay on board.  Germany truly is a beautiful country.

After 9 days in Germany, we are now home and the enormity of tasks that are required to prepare for a move like this are running through my mind like a Cat 5 hurricane.  What weighs most heavily on me though are my kids.  I know they are grown and they don’t need me as much anymore. However, I do still need them.  It will be very hard to be so far away from them, although I know that I have raised them to be independent and strong.  I know we won’t be gone forever and how incredible it is for them to have a home base in Europe to see all of the amazing sites that would have been more difficult to explore before.

In my next blog post I will share some of the great resources I found while doing my research on Germany.  They were incredibly helpful!  How did people get information before the internet???!

But ’til then,

Auf Wiedersehen 🙂


8 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Looking forward to reading your story, when I came to Germany over 20 years ago there was no internet, I jumped in without knosing how to swim, I survived and I am sure you will as well, after all we have the internet now 😉

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