I am embarking on one of the biggest changes in my life, moving from the United States to Germany. My husband and I are moving to Germany because he was offered a job there.  I have decided to begin this blog not only to document the process and feelings that will go along with a transition like this, but also to try to help others that might be in the same situation.  While researching the move I read countless other expat blogs, so this is my way of “Paying it Forward”.  I have 2 wonderful grown children. In the United States I have a career as a Registered Nurse.  I love writing, politics, books, learning and movies. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Danke Ihenen. Ich bin dankbar, Sie meinem blog folgten. Ich würde gern auch zu Deutschland bewegen. Ich entgegensehe Ihres Blog lesend.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog because you commented on one I like to read. I can’t figure out, though, if you’re already here in Germany or haven’t moved yet. I think you’re the first (future?) expat blogger in Germany I’ve found that is near my age and also has grown children! Look forward to continuing to read about your adventures.

    • lol yes, i realize it is a little confusing with the title. I actually have not moved yet. My husband is going ahead of me and I am still wrapping up things at home. I will be blogging about the preparations of the move and of course will continue blogging when I actually make the move. Thanks for reading!

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